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5 Top Restaurant Stocks for Dividend Income

5 Top Restaurant Stocks for Dividend Income

Restaurant stocks are a little risky, since they’re subject to food scares, seasons and recessions, but they’re fun, especially if they have dividends. Yet some analysts are predicting a bear market will impact restaurant stocks in the near future, since consumers cut their discretionary dining budgets when times are tight. The sector is on the front lines when the bear […]

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This Analyst Correctly Called 5 Market Crashes – Now He’s Looking at 3 Crucial Dates

Only a handful of analysts in the financial world are renowned for their uncanny ability to predict major market movement, and among that handful, Sandy Jadeja has one of the best track records. Jadeja’s predictions have proven true time and time again, and now he’s going public with his latest set of market predictions. Jadeja has correctly called major trends […]

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Citi Analysts Say Approaching Bond Market Turning Point Could Change Everything

Bond yields are at their lowest in years, but analysts and commentators believe there could be a landmark turning point not too far ahead. Looking at the bond yield curve – the difference between short-term and long-term bond rates – there’s something fascinating hiding in the data. According to Business Insider, Citi’s technical analysts are watching for the yield curve […]

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Dollar Store Earnings Reveal U.S. Consumers’ Terrifying Secret

The majority of U.S. consumers are avid price shoppers. With a shrinking middle class and growing pressure on the lower class, shoppers are constantly seeking to cut costs in their personal budgets. Subsequently, major retailers like Walmart, Kroger, Dollar General, and Dollar Tree are competing with one another to slash prices on essential consumer staples as low as they possibly […]

5 Lessons From People Who Retired at 40

5 Lessons From People Who Retired at 40

Most people believe that retiring by 40 is something achieved only by lottery winners, celebrities, trust-fund babies and tech tycoons. But there is a growing movement of young retirees who are smashing our conventional beliefs about what it really takes to retire early. They’re not born rich, they’re not lottery winners and they’re not Silicon Valley insiders. They come from all walks of […]

How to Retire Rich: 6 Smart Steps at Ages 50-66

How to Retire Rich: 6 Smart Steps at Ages 50-66

At this point, retirement isn’t a far-off goal you’ll worry about someday when you’re ready for your second hip replacement. Unless you plan to work until you drop, retirement is staring you in the face. That means it’s time to get deadly serious about saving, especially if you haven’t saved enough. And that’s true for most people: Nearly a third […]

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1 Stock You Should Buy and Hold Forever? Motley Fool Says This Is It

We all know what it means to buy and hold. You take a long position in a company with solid prospects, you enjoy the dividends while the company grows, and you cash out and sell your shares when you think the shares have hit a ceiling. But have you ever wondered if there’s a company out there whose shares are […]

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Breaking Leak on Cisco’s Workforce Just Tipped Off Investors Big Time

Sources say that one of the biggest names in networking, Cisco Systems Inc., is expected to release a major announcement in the coming weeks regarding its workforce. Now investors are scrambling to figure out what it means for Cisco share prices and the company’s future. According to Reuters, Cisco is planning to drop a whopping 14,000 members of its workforce. […]

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See Rothschild’s Portfolio Reaction to the “Greatest Experiment In Monetary Policy In the History of the World”

When it comes to authoritative sources on the global economy, they don’t get much better than Lord Jacob Rothschild. Rothschild is the Chairman of the gargantuan Rothschild Investment Trust, and he’s a highly revered figure in the world of investing. So it goes without saying, when takes the time to give his opinion, people tend to drop everything and listen. […]

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The S&P Earnings Problem Nobody Is Talking About – Is History Repeating Itself?

Quarterly earnings are an important metric that every investor should be watching. Not only do they give us an inside look at individual firms’ performance, but they can indicate the market’s condition as a whole too. The earnings reports from the major market indices like the S&P 500 and Nasdaq are especially helpful in that respect. For example, if you […]